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Obedience Training

I wish to thank you for considering American Patriot K9 Training to assist you with your dog's behavior training.

My commitment is to help you correct the problems associated with your dog's behavior.  It is my belief that most behavior problems experienced by dog owners are derived from a breakdown in communication between owner and dog.  I have never seen a truly "bad dog".

My training focuses on positive reinforcement based on praise and reward.  I believe the best method in producing a well-behaved pet is proper socialization and consistent, well-timed, repetitive training. 

You as the primary caretaker will become the alpha (number one) in your relationship with your dog and you both will have a lot of fun learning together!

Thank you for taking this step forward.  Your dog will be happier knowing his place in the "pack" and you will be happier having a dog that is well behaved!

                 Matthew Zarrella

    Unfortunately, his winter I will not be offering my seven week group canine obediene class but please check in with me if you are interestd in next years 2020 class session or contact the Westerly Animal shelter and inquire. 

    Westerly Animal Shelter and Stand Up for Animals phone# 401-348-9595